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Services offered by Sentinel

Manned guarding services

When offering manned guarding services we seek to be in the front line in the business of customer care implementing the last scientific and technical achieve¨ments at cost effective rates.

In order to provide the most professional manned guarding services in the in¨dustry we pay great attention to the recruitment of our personnel. Each security of¨ficer regularly undergoes rigorous training combining theoretical instruction and hands-on practical training. Besides it, we implement the newest security technolo¨gies and optimize their use in various situations.

Rapid Response Program

If our client suddenly finds himself in ŗ situation which is potentially hazardous we implement our Rapid Response Program. This program allows to swiftly respond to the situation and eliminate the existing threats. Our specially trained group spe¨cializes in emergency responses to the following emergency situations:

Holistic technical support of security

Within the framework of holistic technical support of security Sentinel offers the following services:

Consulting services

Sentinel offers consulting se„vices for ensu„ing safety and secu„ity of the personnel, valuables and infrastructure of the company. We focus ÓÔ the following: individual approach, protection of the interests of our clients; ŗ wide range and high quality of our services, confidentiality. We provide the following services:

Legal services

Sentinel employs highly skilled lawyers who provide legal se„vices and consultations ÓÔ legal issues including the following: