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Employees of the Company

Currently Sentinel employs about 300 persons.

We take great in the selection and vetting of staff believing that professional skills, honesty, integrity and adherence to the corporate standards the most important factors.

The Sentinel's employees have mn years of experience of work in various security companies and bodies. During the work for Sentinel they proved to be reliable and highly responsive to the existing problems even in the most hazardous situations.

Many employees speak foreign languages or have obtained additional education in such areas as information technologies, legal science, economy or psychology.

The managers of Sentinel well-known in the market for security services as they have unique experience of work in state security bodies and law enforcement authorities.

Sentinel is committed to the ongoing training and development of staff both in the area of security and in adjacent areas. Particular attention is paid to the licensing of the employees. At present licensed specialists represent two thirds of the Sentinel's personnel. This allows Sentinel to use all kinds of special means and some of them unique.