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About the Company

The private security and manned guarding company "Sentinel" has been established in compliance with the Law of the Russian Federation of March 11, 1992 titled "őÔ private detective, security and manned guarding services in the Rus¨sian Federation".

During several years of work Sentinel has significantly enlarged the field of its activity having extended security services to new areas such as consulting, information, legal and technical services. When developing plans of its activity, the company places emphasis ÓÔ the use of high technologies and development of holis¨tic approaches.

At present Sentinel offers ŗ range of se„vices Ón safety and security of individuals and legal entities.

Today we can state that Sentinel maintains ŗ leading position in the market for security se„vices being listed in the list of the top ten security companies which meet world standards.